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Becoming a Nanny Madison WI

Is Nannying the career for you?

There are several reasons for becoming a
nanny such as:

Flexibility to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a job that is just a few hours in the evening or weekend, or seeking a permanent, full-time position, Peace of Mind Nannies can help you find the job you need. Structure of your workweek can be negotiated with a family regarding desired hours and selection of days.

Love your job.

If you enjoy working with children, being a nanny is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs. As a nanny, you are given the opportunity to connect and personally make a difference in children's lives, along with their family's.

Work one-on-one with children of different ages.

Earn a great wage.

As a professional nanny, you are guaranteed to earn at least $10.00 per hour, and as much as $18.00 per hour based on experience, education, and the needs of the family.

Be respected at work.

Peace of Mind Nannies would like to encourage individuals to work with us. As your agent, you will always be treated fairly, with respect and consideration. It is Peace of Mind Nannies policy that no individual will be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, or disability. We will consider all individuals to work with that fit our requirements.  Peace of Mind Nannies reserves the right to reject a nanny for any reason at any time. In order for a nanny to be placed, they will be required to participate in a series of interviews, a complete and thorough criminal background check, and a screening involving the contact of at least three child-related references. 

Our company is dedicated to making perfect matches, maintaining communication and encouraging your career choice.

What it Takes to Become a Nanny with Peace of Mind Nannies

  • Minimum of high school diploma or equivalency. (proof via diploma, graduation certificate, and/or transcript)
  • Proof of at least two years of professional childcare experience with excellent references.
  • A clean background check. (no criminal charges)
  • Minimum of two child-related references
  • Valid driver's license. (Must have reliable car and proof of car insurance)
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write clear English. (bilingual nannies are highly encouraged)
  • Must have a neat and professional appearance.
  • Must love working with children and their family.
  • Must have knowledge of child development.

Code of Conduct

While you are not an employee of Peace of Mind Nannies, in working with us for placement with a family, and in your future employment with a family we do encourage you to follow a code of conduct as a professional in this child-care career.


Dress in clean clothes, avoid wearing cloths that reveal bare midriff, undergarments, tattoos, body piercings, etc.  Be sure to wear clothes that allows for play with children inside and outdoors.  Sweat pants, khakis, jeans without holes, unstained T-shirts with appropriate designs are all acceptable.  Shorts should reach mid thigh, short shots and mini skirts should be kept for off duty attire.  Fingernails should be neatly manicured, long – artificial nails for newborn/infant care are not appropriate.

Professional Etiquette

It is important to always be on time for interviews and in your daily employment with a family.  If you know you are going to be late, always call ahead.  Personal phone calls should be limited, it is important to discuss the expectations of your employers regarding personal phone calls and even visitors while their children are in your care.  

Maintaining cleanliness is important.  Be aware of messes, clean up after the children, dishes should not be left in the sink or on the counter unless otherwise directed by your employer.

Chemically Altered States

You are expected to come to work in a condition that allows you to work safely and effectively with children.  In many instances there is a driving requirement for employment, or the need to drive in case of an emergency; any chemical, drug, or prescription drug that would in any way hinder your ability to drive is unacceptable throughout the duration of your time with the children of your employer.  


Communicate well with your employers, be open about your questions or concerns, what is going well, and what needs improvement.  Always be receptive to feedback.  Good communication is the key to any relationship.  Be sure to communicate daily with your employers regarding the activities of the day.  It is helpful to keep a daily log highlighting things like food, naps, trips to the potty, medications, etc.  Set up a time regularly that you and your employers communicate more thoroughly about your employment, check in on the contract that was signed, and the status of how it is going with the children and what is working or what could be improved upon. 

So What Exactly is a Nanny?

A nanny is the best paying and most respectable position in the spectrum of childcare careers. Being a nanny is so much more than being a babysitter. Nannies help children in their social, emotional, and intellectual development as they provide one-on-one care, along with the responsibility of running the household. Nannies work with children on countless areas of personal growth including language, potty training, social etiquette, academic skill, etc. A nanny provides children of all ages with consistency and stability in their lives, as they become a reliable part of the family and another adult to communicate with and trust.

All of these roles require a strong relationship, thus Peace of Mind Nannies encourage their nannies to commit to a minimum of one year. The position of being a nanny takes dedication and hard work, but is an extremely rewarding career.