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Nanny placement Madison

The Placement Process



Complete application. You may email or mail completed application to Peace of Mind Nannies. If an interview is scheduled, you may provide the application at that time.  We will conduct a short phone interview to introduce ourselves, setup a time to meet and start to learn who you are and what you are looking for. A non-refundable search fee will be due to start the next stage of the process. 


We will meet face-to-face to discuss your personal requests. We will use this interview to gather detailed information and build your family profile. Your profile will be used to match your family with potential and qualified nanny candidates. Your family profile will then be posted for potential nannies to view.


In this step, your family will be able to view all the qualified nannies that are available for your position. Peace of Mind Nannies will provide you with a small group of nannies that fit your profile. Your family we receive a summary of each interview the agency has completed. We anticipate that it will take between two and eight weeks to identify a nanny for your family. After twelve (12) weeks of an active search, we will re-evaluate our agreement and consider adjusting the search or placing on hold for an agreed upon period of time. All nanny bios will summarize the nanny, their  experiences and what references said about them. Before scheduling a face-to-face interview with a selected nanny, your family may choose to conduct a telephone interview with them. We encourage you to follow through with an in-home interview with your selected nannies. 


You may interview as many candidates as you wish until you find your perfect match. Once you have selected a nanny, Peace of Mind Nannies will help you complete a Family/Nanny contract. This is when you will discuss and agree upon salary, employment terms, conditions, etc. After both parties have fully agreed on the contract, it will be signed, dated, and a copy will be sent to Peace of Mind Nannies.


The placement fee becomes due once you hire the nanny. Our fees provide qualified nannies, a back up service and guarantee replacement within the first six months if things are not working between the family and nanny. Peace of Mind Nannies is here to find the best match for your family. Please never hesitate to contact us. We strive to make suitable matches with your first nanny pick, but we understand there are many considerations and variables. We are here to make this process as peaceful and seamless as possible. We dedicate our time and commit to helping you find what you are looking for. We promise to follow up during and after this process. Peace of Mind Nannies can act as a third party to help resolve any issues or conflicts.