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This is a current list of families seeking a nanny in the Madison area. Each position is unique just like each family. Peace of Mind Nannies strives to make exceptional matches, so please contact us if you find a family that is just right for you! 


All positions request the following, unless noted otherwise!
- CPR certified

-One to Two years of professional child-related experiences and references (non-family)

-Reliable car / clean driving record     




 Family seeking Full time Nanny for infants


Two professional, active, outgoing and family-oriented families in the Middleton area , are looking for a full time nanny to care for their two infants as a nanny share. The families are friends and co-workers, but one family will be the consistent host home.  The parents will need a nanny that is supportive during the early postpartum. The nanny's primary responsibility will be to care for and nurture the infants and help with appropriate developmental milestones for the child, as well as creative activities. The nanny will also be responsible for light house keeping pertaining to the child, as well as house management duties when children are napping or with parents.  The welcoming, kind and family-minded households would love to welcome a nanny as part of their family.

The position would start the first week of July. The family is looking for a nanny that has at least two years of professional, child-related experience, a infant specialist would be a plus, higher education as well as, fun, imaginative, dependable, 100% present, kind, nurturing, patient, and passionate about working with a family. A nanny that likes to work as a team, comfortable with open communication on a daily basis, and hardworking is highly desired. 

Hours will be 60 hours per week, nanny will be given schedule in advance, but nanny will also need to be flexible. The typical hours will be 6am- 6pm. Weekly salary will be $800-$900 ,depending on experience and education, raises and bonuses based on performance. As well as 2 weeks paid vacation, as well as stipend towards insurance. The family is looking for a long-term commitment and seeing the nanny as becoming a part of their family. Family also has 2 cats, that nanny must be comfortable with.





 Family seeking part-time flexible and dependable nanny


A welcoming, family oriented and active family in Cottage Grove is looking for a flexible and reliable nanny for their two children. The family has a 4 and 2 year old. The nanny's primary responsibility will be to be engaging, playful, nurturing, and conscientious of safety. The children are fun, sweet, and active. The family is professional, welcoming, detailed and family oriented. The nanny will be responsible for creating engaging and educational activities, light housekeeping, maintaining the expectations and rules of the household, and helping children reach and master age appropriate milestones. 

Ideally, the family is looking for:
A nanny that has at least one to two years of professional child-related experiences with children of all ages and is kind-hearted, imaginative, structured, and takes initiative. 
A nanny that is flexible and passionate about working with a family, as well as supporting the family as a whole. 
A nanny that likes to work as a team, comfortable with open communication on a daily basis and hardworking. CPR certification will be expected. 

The position will start ASAP.

The family guarantees 30 hours weekly, Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30am-4pm . $15-$17 an hour based upon education and experience. Benefits include a gym membership and other incentives that will be discussed. The position will be until August. 



Family Oriented and Dependable Part time Nanny


A family near Campus is looking for a reliable, dependable, part-time nanny. The family has 6 wonderful children, ages 17, 15, 14, 9, 8 and 3 years old (and sometimes a 2-year old).  Three of the children are home-schooled, on an organized curriculum. Both parents are entrepreneurs and will need a child care provider to be part of the team. The family values family time, maintaining the household culture, and education.

The family hopes for a nanny with extensive child care experience, someone who is mindful, open to team effort, attentive, able reinforce family schedule/structure, and oversee homework. As part of mom’s work, the family occasionally travels and hopes to have a nanny who is willing and able to travel with them. The family would like to have a nanny that is genuine, honest, healthy, active, passionate and positive. The nanny is expected to be engaging, creative, trustworthy, open minded and patient. The nanny must be flexible, reliable and dependable. The family hopes the nanny is able to step into the family’s vision, mission and goals while also being able to guide the children in all appropriate milestones.

Duties around the home will include  helping with housework, maintaining family culture and enforcing children’s chore schedule. The nanny will be seen as an extension of the  family. It is important that s/he will take ownership and initiative in the environment. Open and honest communication is both welcomed and expected. Hours will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 1pm-9pm, pay will be $15-$17 dollars an hour with other benefits discussed during interview.






Family seeks committed, flexible and dependable nanny 


A family near West High-school, is seeking a long-term nanny who is reliable, punctual, organized, and engaging with my children. Someone who does more than just show up and someone who actively plays with the kids, plans activities, oversees homework and music practice, and someone who is not “on" their phone. The Nanny will need to have a car as some of their time will be spent transporting kids to after-school activities. Most of the Nannies time will be spent caring for daughters (9yo) and (11yo). The family has two other children, a girl (17yo) and boy (14yo) but nannies only responsibility to them is to occasionally take 14-year old to his rowing practice. Additionally, the family is a foster parent and will occasionally care for an additional child, usually an infant. Currently they are caring for a 6mo old boy. He is sweet, developmentally on target, and a great napper.  


The 9-year-old girl who enjoys crafts, playing board games and make up play. She attends Wingra School. She plays the trumpet, and is enrolled in Swimming and tennis lessons. She also meets with a tutor two times each week. She loves to play. She enjoys being active and playing outside. The 11-year-old girl, enjoys music, dance, gymnastics, and horses. She plays piano and violin. She is taking gymnastics, tennis, and horseback riding lessons. She also meets with a tutor two times a week. The 17-year-old is a HS junior. She enjoys photography and spending time with her friends. She plays piano, and is active in cheerleading. The 14-year-old is a high school freshman. He is very independent and enjoys doing his own thing. He is active in rowing (crew), and plays piano. He enjoys video games and spending time with friends, but is also a serious student that manages his time well. As a family, they enjoy playing board games, skiing, and traveling. Hours are in the 3pm-8pm range. More when there is an extra little one. In the summer, hours will shift some. All the kids attend summer camps, so again, care is mainly for 9-year-old and 11-year-old (often only one at a time) though. The family will need someone who can care for one kid for a whole week without parent, so parent can take other kids on I:1 trip. Family would appreciate someone willing to travel to summer home in N Minnesota 1-2 weeks in the summer.  Hours are approximately 3pm-8/9pm M- F, 30 hrs. a week, are guaranteed. However, there are weeks where Nanny will need to stay overnight 2 nights a week. Family will provide Nanny with her own room. Hourly wage is $14-16 an hour with potential raises and bonuses. 2 weeks paid vacation (1 week family picks, 1 week family picks) all major holidays and nannies Birthday off. Additional hours may be available when children are off from school. As well as occasional weekends. The family has 3 large dogs. Must be a non-smoker and no other tobacco product use allowed during working hours. Position to start immediately.





 Full-Time Infant/Toddler Nanny: 


A down to earth, family oriented and welcoming family in Oregon is looking for a full-time Spanish speaking nanny to start the first week of January. Hours will be 7-8am until 3-4pm Monday through Friday. Hourly wage $14-16 an hour, depending on experiences, expectations, education and life experiences. Benefits consists of guaranteed weekly hours, paid time off, sick time, major paid holidays and other benefits may be discussed.  

The family has  2.5 yr old son and a baby due late October/early November. The family enjoys cooking, going to the park and being together. The grandmother lives with the family and will help around the home each day.  However, the nanny will primarily be the one taking care of the children during the day. As the parents have very demanding positions and completely rely on the nanny. 

The family would hope for the nanny to plan outings, activities, projects and new experiences. The nanny is to foster education, learning, pretend play and being active. The family would like to know that the children are being loved, active, encouraged, taught and that they are always safe. It is important for them to find a nanny that is a partner in raising their kids- someone they can trust to work together with them and also independently as an extension of the parents while they are at work.

The family would like to find a nanny that is genuine, honest, healthy, active, passionate and positive(happy). The nanny will be asked to be engaging, creative, trustworthy and patient. They are seeking a nanny that is self-motivated, self-starting and can think outside of the box. It is the families' desire to see the nanny plan activities, outings, hands-on experiences and work with the children on age appropriate levels. The nanny is to be flexible, reliable, DEPENDABLE, able to see the big picture and help in all areas. The grandmother speaks exclusively Spanish. The family is looking for a nanny who is very fluent in Spanish so that they can maintain and nurture/grow Spanish with the children. 

 Duties around the home will be to maintain a clean environment, help with dishes, children's laundry, help with cloth diapers, bottles and more. The nanny will be required to have a clean driving record and have a safe vehicle. It is important to the family to find a nanny having at least 2 years of professional child related experiences with infants and toddlers.

 The family wants to love, trust, value and appreciate their nanny everyday. The family does not want to micromanage, but instead work as a team and have open and honest communication.

-The family has a cat.