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The Hiring Process

Once Peace of Mind Nannies has received your information, we will contact you to set up an initial phone interview. The phone interview will be approximately twenty questions with the purpose of getting an overall idea of whom you are and what you are looking for within the nanny spectrum. During the course of the interview, we will ask questions, answer questions, and setup a face-to-face interview time. Each nanny is to bring their completed nanny application and resume to the scheduled interview. We will review and discuss positions and opportunities. The personal interview will consist of detailed questions about each nanny personally, their experiences, child-related scenario questions and what they are looking for in a position. During the interview, the nanny will be provided family interview questions, nanny handbook and detailed information about each potential family. The nanny will sign and agree to all terms and conditions from the nanny handbook and background check form. We can only work with individuals with stellar references and background checks. We must be very selective with our nannies in this regard. Each family is looking for their ideal nanny. Please be prepared and professional. 


Peace of Mind Nannies will then verify your personal references and previous employment. This may take several days to a week, depending on availability and cooperation. Please make sure your information is accurate and updated.

After a successful interview process we will summarize the information that has been provided to us by each nanny application and interview as well as the information provided through references. We will write the information in the form of a bio to potential families. The bio will reflect nannies experiences, personality, interview and references. Along with the bio, the families will receive a copy of each nanny application. 

Interviews with Families

Phone Interview

Once a family has shown interest in meeting you, we require that an initial phone interview is conducted.  We work with you and the family to schedule this.  If a family contacts you directly regarding this interview, please respond promptly to their calls or emails.  During this interview you will want to ask general questions about the family, children and position.  The family will have questions for you as well.  Please make an effort to be prepared and available for this phone interview.

We ask that you remain in contact with us during this search process and report the status of interviews with the family as well any job offers.

In Person Interview

If the family would like to proceed with an in person interview, we will contact you to help facilitate setting this interview up.  You may accept or decline this interview, please communicate with us the reason for your decision so that we can best help you to find the right fit for a nanny position.    The in person interview will be held either in a family’s’ home or in at a different location.  Make sure that you are on time for this interview.  It is important to be prepared with questions, be open, communicate well, and not to rush the interview.  Share things about yourself and be personable.  You may have considered other questions, or more specific questions, following the phone interview, that you would like to ask the family, and you should do so at this interview.

Any decision made to proceed with interviewing and even an offer of a job is solely left to the discretion of the individual families.  Peace of Mind Nannies is a referral agency only and does not make these decisions on behalf of any family regarding this interview process and subsequent job offer.  Peace of Mind Nannies does not guarantee placement of any nanny.

Family Observation

If you did not interact with the child(ren) in during the in first  interview, a family may request a time where you interact with their child(ren) for an agreed upon period of time.  This is not a time for you to babysit their children, it is meant to see how you work with the children first hand and if you are a good match for each other.  Please make an effort to interact with the child(ren) as well as to observe how they interact with you.  It is important to be as self-aware and objective as you can be.  It is important that your style and the family’s style are compatible.

Job Offer and Signed Contract

Should a family decide to extend an offer of employment with them and you accept we require a contract to be filled out and signed.  This contract is meant to protect both parties and to document the specifics agreed upon in the offer.   The contract is a layout of the employment relationship, expected schedule, daily duties, house rules, salary and any other topics discussed and agreed upon between the two parties.  The family will give you a copy of the contract and will give Peace of Mind Nannies a copy as well.  We will periodically as well as annually follow up on the terms.

Follow Up

Peace of Mind Nannies will be checking in with you within the first or second week of employment, and again after the first several months. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know so we can assist with uncertainties and/or issues. Please remember we are here to support you. 

In working with Peace of Mind Nannies for your placement with a family you will receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited consultation with our agency – we will work with you throughout this process and give you the resources that you need to help you best determine whether you are the right fit for a family
  • Access to available families and their bios – we have worked with families to come up with bios describing themselves, their needs and expectations and you will have access to that information
  • In person interviews with potential employers – we will work on your behalf to set up interviews with families so that you can meet with them face to face and discuss and interview with them regarding a position in their home
  • Family/nanny work contract form – we have constructed a contract that is to be used upon agreement to work for a specific family.  This contract is meant to protect the original agreements that are made regarding wages, hours, expectations, timeframe, etc.  You, the family, and Peace of Mind Nannies will keep this contract.
  • Emergency Form – we have an emergency reference form for you to document emergency information regarding the children and family that you agree to work for.  This is an extensive form detailing allergies, emergency contacts, medication information, insurance information, and more.
  • Interview Questions – We have gathered a list of interview questions for you while you meet with the family to help you get everything out of the interview process that you can.
  • Tax and Insurance links – These are resources for you as a self-employed individual to help you navigate the tax and insurance aspects of your career.

Terms and Conditions

Peace of Mind Nannies acts as a referral agency.  All agreements and negotiations are between the nanny and the family.  Nannies who have been hired by a family are the family’s employees and not the employees of the agency.  Peace of Mind Nannies assumes no responsibility for the actions of the nanny.  In consideration for Peace of Mind Nannies providing you the opportunity for a placement and by signing an agreement, you, the nanny, will be required agree to release and discharge the agency as a whole from any liabilities, losses, obligations or damages incurred by you as a result of our referral.  Peace of Mind Nannies will not be held responsible to reimburse you for any fees or expenses for traveling, court costs, or legal fees incurred by any person(s). If a placement is unsuccessful, Peace of Mind Nannies is not required to help you find a replacement or reimburse you for any expenses. 

Peace of Mind Nannies does not guarantee any further placements.  It is the nannies responsibility to remain updated with new positions and let Peace of Mind Nannies know when and if you are interested in a specific position. Peace of Mind Nannies will not keep nannies updated. The best way to stay updated is through the website.

Equal Opportunity 

It is Peace of Mind Nannies’ policy that no individual will be discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law.  We will consider all individuals for any position for which they are qualified and able to perform.


We require that individuals who choose to work with Peace of Mind Nannies for placement with families that have retained our services, sign a non-compete agreement.  For a period of 1 year following your involvement with Peace of Mind Nannies and subsequent access to family bios, interview’s with families, and knowledge of placement fees you are not to work for any of the families who have retained us for placement assistance so as to avoid any placement fees on their behalf, excluding Peace of Mind Nannies as a placement agency.  Furthermore, for a period of 1 year, it is not acceptable to refer another individual to a family that has retained us so as to avoid any placement fees on their behalf, excluding Peace of Mind Nannies as a placement agency.  The family bio’s are confidential, they are our clients and any failure to comply with these guidelines will result in legal action.